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Life is full of change.  Whether it’s good change, like expecting a new sibling, or unexpected change like needing to travel for a family emergency, change stresses us all out, including our children.  Whenever possible, you want to prepare your child for the upcoming change to cut back on behavioral issues and big feelings.  In […]

How to Prepare Your Child for Change


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Did you know tantrums & aggressive behaviors are common in the early years? Yup, that’s right.  Your child’s brain is still growing so skills like communication, emotional regulation and conflict resolution are still not fully developed.  While this is true, there are things you can do at home to help your child learn tools to […]

Children’s Book Haul | Toddler & Preschooler Anger Management

Play, Uncategorized

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Are you tired and burned out (or as I like to say “crispy”) from playing all the time? Does even thinking about playing with your child stress you out? I’m a huge fan of play. There are so many benefits, not only for our child’s development but also for our overall connection with our child […]

Easy Play Ideas For Kids When You’re Tired (With Things You Already Have!)

Parenting Tips

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Tips for How to Stop Breastfeeding a Baby or Toddler (or Beyond) The first supplemental feed, from a bottle, or of solid food, is the beginning of weaning. The weaning does not need to be all or nothing and it’s a personal journey for every woman. There’s no right or wrong number in terms of […]

Breastfeeding: Tips for How to Stop Breastfeeding a Baby or Toddler

Potty Training

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As with any transition, potty training works best if you think it through before you start. In this video, I’m going to be sharing 5 practical things you’re going to want to do with your child before you start potty training. ✦Check out my potty training book – The First-Time Parents Guide to Potty Training […]

How to Prepare Your Kid for Potty Training

Parenting Tips

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LYING! How to Stop Your Kid From Lying Lying is a common concern for parents. Kids can begin lying as early as age 3 because they begin to realize you are unable to read their mind. However, kids tend to lie more often between the ages of 4 and 6. In this video, I cover: […]

LYING! How to Stop Your Kid From Lying


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Do you struggle with tantrums after play time?? In this video, I breakdown why tantrums after play time happen, the best way to tackle this, and 5 practical tips you can try today to help prevent tantrums after play time!

How to Handle Tantrums After Play Time | What You Need to Know About Dealing with Toddler Tantrums


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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day Week, I want to chat about self-love in motherhood and how we can learn how to stop our inner critic. Our inner critic is that voice in our head that likes to tell us we’re not good enough and we’ll never be as pretty, smart, and likeable as everyone […]

How To Stop Your Inner Critic


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In this video, I answer your questions on all things play, including how to handle when your child hurts another child, when they become aggressive with toys, when they are “bossy” during play, balancing 1:1 play time with independent play and so much more!

Play Q&A: Handling Aggression & Bossiness During Play, Independent Play, and more!

Parenting Tips

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In this video, I sit down with Thalia over @family.snack.nutritionist to discuss common parenting issues including how to handle dangerous and aggressive behaviors, sibling rivalry, childhood anxiety and phobia, and separation anxiety! I also share how I helped my toddler overcome her intense fear of bath time! Dangerous Behaviors: 1:15​ Aggressive Behaviors: 7:50​ Toy Battles/Sibling […]

How to Handle Sibling Rivalry, Dangerous Behaviors, Childhood Phobias, Separation Anxiety, + More!

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If there’s anyone who knows what you’re going through, it’s me. I’ve got two kids of my own, and while motherhood is a blessing beyond measure, people rarely talk about the dark side of it – the side filled with tantrums, yelling, and your-favorite-dresses-filled-with-milk-and-purée.

Well, I’ve spent my life encouraging moms to stand up, speak up, and do what it takes to put themselves back on their to-do list. This is the first step to a smoother-sailing journey through motherhood, and with access to my online community and sisterhood, you’ll soon have the confidence to mother like a mother – from keeping toys in cots to potty training to winning the war against bedtime resistance and beyond.

Hi there! I’m Jazmine. Clinical psychologist, author, parent educator, and most importantly, mother.

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