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I’ve spent YEARS researching and filtering through the noise online, so you don’t have to. I’ve been burnt out myself, and I came out tougher on the other side – albeit a few more gray hairs richer. Now, I want to help YOU do the same, gray hairs and all!

My clients and sister-moms choose me for my silly personality and fun-loving persona, and most importantly, my uncanny ability to stop temper tantrums faster than they started. Throughout the process, you’ll also build a stronger connection with the little person that grew inside you from nothing.

Hi, I'm Dr. Jazmine,
& I'm not your average psychologist.

You do your absolute best to raise a happy, healthy child, and somehow find the time to maintain some sort of social life, but let's be real - raising tiny humans is HARD. Just when you think you got this, your child lies down on the floor at the mall, makes herself as straight as a plank, and screams. At. The. Top. Of. Her. Lungs. And so, you pick her up and carry her back to the car, like a plate of live crabs.

Oftentimes, it just takes some expert guidance and a community of other like-minded moms who get it!  

Moms are rarely “bad” at parenthood…

As a clinical psychologist, published author, & mother to two cheeky young children,

Sure, motherhood is one of of our biggest blessings but it also can be exhausting, overwhelming, and frustrating.  And the (not so) best part about it - parenting doesn’t come with a rule book. Most of us are trying to DIY this thing as we go.

Listen, if this sounds like you - no judgement, mama. Just know, I got you. I’m  here to support YOU! Yes, you. No one could have possibly prepared you for all that parenthood entails, but just know - you don’t have to do this alone. Through my community, education, and encouragement, my mission is to relieve the stress & confusion of parenthood so you can win at parenting.
Buh bye exhausted burned out (aka crispy) mom. Hello SUPER MOM!

When it comes to parenting, I believe love and connection are the foundation to discipline & finding joy in motherhood. I also believe play is our best kept secret as parents when it comes to fostering deep connections and promoting positive behaviors.

Yet, it's hard show up as our best when we're depleted & lonely.  Motherhood can feel incredibly isolating even though we weren't meant to do this whole parenting gig alone. That's why I created The Mom Sisterhood, a private community designed to help you conquer parenthood with confidence!

Doing our best and forgetting the rest. 

Research based information that's digestible 

Building a strong community of badass moms. 

Creating a safe, nonjudgmental online space. 

Authenticity over highlight reels. 

Around here, I'm real about the good, bad, and ugly of raising tiny humans. My style is both candid & playful yet practical with no fluff or psychobabble. What I value more than anything is:  

But as stressful as parenting is, it doesn't have to be miserable.

No one could have possibly prepared you for all that parenthood entails! 

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– Kristle, mom of 2-year old

“Dr. Jazmine has been such a blessing to have. I genuinely enjoyed her “7 days of play challenge” and her detailed explanations. It allowed me to continue to learn as a mom and view more carefully the relationship I have with my child. She is truly a gift! 

Thank you Dr. Jazmine for all the time you put into educating us parents! I very much appreciate it.”

– Laura, mom of 5-month old

Her work/content is both encouraging and deeply anchoring – she helps me to stay focused on the things that matter on a daily basis, and has taught me to truly consider my daughter’s feelings in a way I wish my parents had done when I was growing up. I can’t express how grateful I am for Dr. Jazmine’s work!”

"Dr. Jazmine continuously helps me to become a more intentional, present, and positive parent to my little girl."

– Pamela, Sydney, Australia

Her simple checklists, quick tips and reminders have been the easiest way for me to learn new strategies and approaches to things like my toddler’s emotional health, secure attachment as well as literally the words I can use daily with my son to improve our relationship. I can’t thank her enough for providing an amazing, inspirational, informative and FREE service to mothers around the world. 

"Dr. Jazmine’s work has been instrumental in reshaping my attitude to motherhood as well as my relationship with my son, husband and other caregivers."

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From chaos to cooperation! 


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