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The Mom Psychologist is a destination for parents looking to start their journey to better parenting.

welcome to the mom psychologist

psychologist & educator

Hi, I'm Dr. Jazmine

I’ve always had an interest in understanding how people work and a passion for ending childhood trauma. Through trial and error, volunteering in the field, and college courses, I found a way to merge my love of writing, people, child development, and teaching with TMP.

My main mission is to positively impact families towards growth by empowering parents to connect and raise resilient children who thrive. I’m here to support, empower, inspire, and inform in any way that I can.

The Mom Psychologist approach presents you with practical advice that lets you show up as your best self, so you can show up as the parent you want to be.

Practicality: let’s give you some actionable advice you can actually use!

Intuition: lean into your instincts and know when to pivot or improve.

Respect: all parents are welcome here, and all advice is only here to help.

Balance & Imperfection: “good enough” parenting is good enough!

my values & approach

The Mom Psychologist cultivates a nurturing haven for parents, offering science-backed guidance and compassionate support to help them blossom as a confident, empathetic parent without the weight of guilt or judgment.

Parenting is hard, but it’s also a joy. Rooted in science, created for real parents, this is a place where you can nurture your parenting strategies without the intimidation or guilt factor. No judgment, no shame—just better parenting made easier.

Some Fun Facts About Me

I love reading, reality TV, doodling & dance parties with my kids!

I became a mom in early 2017 and now have 3 young kids!

I enjoy nature walks, traveling, pool days, and journaling in my free time

“I’m here for every parent. So trust that all of my resources are accessible & relatable in addition to being research-backed.”
- Dr. Jazmine

I graduated with a Doctorate in Psychology in 2015 & got licensed in 2016

Raised by a single mom and with difficult circumstances that taught me resilience

Born and raised in SF Bay area (go Niners, Raiders, and Giants!)

My Story








I officially became a licensed psychologist!

In order to prioritize my children, I opted for a flexible career path: starting as a self-employed independent contracting and pivoting to my life’s work—a parent coaching private practice!

In the Spring…well, everything switched to online, and so did I! I closed the private practice and went fully digital with TMP! In the Fall, I created my online community, now known as Bloom Parenting to help parents connect and receive support. Also, my potty training book “The-First Time Parent’s Guide to Potty Training” was published by Zeitgeist, an imprint of Penguin Random House. 

I graduated with a Doctorate in Psychology after a lifelong passion for ending childhood trauma.

I became a first-time mom after the arrival of my daughter. 

It was a huge joy working with parents and I started my Instagram page in June 2019 to grow. It grew into an online community, a book deal, and gave me the confidence to lean into my online business where I could do what I really love which is writing and teaching parents.

We've celebrated our 5-year anniversary, rebranded, and there's still so much more to come!


In the Spring, I founded my course, Positive Discipline Academy.

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