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The First-Time Parent's Guide to Potty Training:


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Discipline doesn’t have to mean punishment. With the right tactics, you can raise a happy, healthy, and independent child who knows the difference between yes, no, and hell no.




Join my private parent coaching community, The Mom Sisterhood, to conquer parenthood with confidence, and discover the inside secrets (from a clinical psychologist) alongside a community of other like-minded mamas.  



Being a Mom is hard. As in, the hardest thing you’ve ever done.
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This 25-page guide will teach you all you need to know about how to understand, prevent and manage tantrums. 

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Most of us moms feel overwhelmed, and if you feel like you’re failing, you’re not alone. First of all, you’re NOT failing – but I’ll get to that later…

Haven’t you had it up to HERE with unsolicited parenting advice from strangers? At the end of the day, there’s only one person in the world who knows what is best for your child. You.

However, sometimes, a little advice IS needed. Not from some random stranger telling you how much caffeine you should be drinking while pregnant or breastfeeding, and certainly not from the random know-it-all guy at the gym. You need advice from someone like you. A fellow mom. The Mom Psychologist!

Hi! I’m The Mom Psychologist.

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Becoming a mother can cause a huge identity shift and leave you feeling like a hot mess of milk, pureé, and other unidentified substances. If you feel like a “bad mom,” you’re not alone. 

First of all, you’re KILLING this thing called motherhood, but I know how much better you’ll feel with support from a fellow mom. But not just any fellow mom – a mother who’s also a clinical psychologist.

Behavioral issues WILL become negative ingrained habits…unless you kick them in the bud with PROVEN strategies (that won’t harm a hair on their fussy little head, don’t worry). Once you learn how to navigate temper tantrums, discipline like a pro, potty train with proven secrets, and enjoy ongoing support from a community of likeminded (and just as exhausted) moms, life WILL start feeling a little normal again. Pinky promise.

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As moms, it's hard to admit when we are burned out (aka crispy). The pressure to be perfect and get it all done (with a smile on our face) is REAL. But we crispy queens know better.

I created this merch as our bold permission slip to speak up for what we need and rest unapologetically. 

Crispy is more than a word. It's a movement. A movement to put ourselves back on our to-do list. Are you in?


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Pamela, Sydney, Australia

Her simple checklists, quick tips and reminders have been the easiest way for me to learn new strategies and approaches to things like my toddler’s emotional health, secure attachment as well as literally the words I can use daily with my son to improve our relationship.  I can’t thank her enough for providing an amazing, inspirational, informative and FREE service to mothers around the world. 

Dr. Jazmine’s work has been instrumental in reshaping my attitude to motherhood as well as my relationship with my son, husband and other caregivers. 

 Kristle, mom of 2-year old

Dr. Jazmine has been such a blessing to have. I genuinely enjoyed her “7 days of play challenge” and her detailed explanations. It allowed me to continue to learn as a mom and view more carefully the relationship I have with my child. She is truly a gift! 

"Thank you Dr. Jazmine for all the time you put into educating us parents! I very much appreciate it.”

Laura, mom of 5-month old

 Her work/content is both encouraging and deeply anchoring – she helps me to stay focused on the things that matter on a daily basis, and has taught me to truly consider my daughter’s feelings in a way I wish my parents had done when I was growing up. I can’t express how grateful I am for Dr. Jazmine’s work!”

"Dr. Jazmine continuously helps me to become a more intentional, present, and positive parent to my little girl."

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How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids


How to Tame Your Child's Aggressive Behaviors


How to Talk to Your Kids About Race


Best Educational Apps and TV Shows for toddlers



Why is your child randomly yelling like the world is ending? Why is he screaming when you’ve had a headache since forever? Follow The Mom Psychologist on YouTube to join the fun and learn positive parenting tips from a CLINICAL psychologist who’s just as not-perfect as you are.

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