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Even though I have 2 older daughters, watching my 9-month-old’s curiosity, determination and delight in learning about the world around him is one of my favorite parts of parenting right now.  Whether it’s pulling up to stand, learning how to play fetch with our pet dog (yes, he’s learning how to grab and “throw” the […]

3 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Child Meets Their Milestones!


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How much independent playtime is okay? How often should I be playing with my baby/child? If you’ve ever wondered those questions then this video is for you! In today’s video, I’ll be sharing how much time you should be playing with your child and how much time your child should be playing independently. TIMESTAMPS ► […]

How Much Time Should You Be Playing With Your Kid?

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Are you tired and burned out (or as I like to say “crispy”) from playing all the time? Does even thinking about playing with your child stress you out? I’m a huge fan of play. There are so many benefits, not only for our child’s development but also for our overall connection with our child […]

Easy Play Ideas For Kids When You’re Tired


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Do you struggle with tantrums after play time?? In this video, I breakdown why tantrums after play time happen, the best way to tackle this, and 5 practical tips you can try today to help prevent tantrums after play time! Love this? Don’t lose it! Click below and save to your Pinterest!

How to Handle Tantrums After Play Time | What You Need to Know About Dealing with Toddler Tantrums


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In this video, I answer your questions on all things play, including how to handle when your child hurts another child, when they become aggressive with toys, when they are “bossy” during play, balancing 1:1 play time with independent play and so much more! Love this? Don’t lose it! Click below and save to your […]

Handling Aggression & Bossiness During Play


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In this video, I briefly explain the benefits of play from a developmental perspective, including the benefits it has on your child’s social, emotional, cognitive, speech and language, and motor development! I hope you will join us for Play Challenge Week where we dedicate daily 1:1 play time with each of our little ones and […]

The Importance of Play From a Developmental Perspective


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I know it’s a struggle to stay present and attentive during play time, especially if we’re already feeling stressed and overwhelmed with everything on our plate. I can relate and I will say this – It’s impossible to be 100% present with our children 100% of the time. That’s just not going to happen. Instead, […]

Pretend Play: How to Stay Present During Play


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In this video, I share 6 practical tips for playing pretend with your child. Love this? Don’t lose it! Click below and save to your Pinterest!

How to Pretend Play with Your Toddler or Preschooler


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Listen, if you hate pretend play, then please know you’re not alone. This is probably the number one concern I hear from parents when it comes to play. In this video, I share some things to consider if you’re in this boat as well as practical tips on setting boundaries when it comes to play. […]

PRETEND PLAY IS BORING! How to Set Boundaries with Your Child Around Play (2020)


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I know you want to help your child play independently more and more, am I right? Well, in this video I break down 5 simple tips to help promote independent play. I let you know exactly what you need to consider if you want your child to feel comfortable with solo play. I also include […]

How to Encourage Independent Play

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If there’s anyone who knows what you’re going through, it’s me. I’ve got two kids of my own, and while motherhood is a blessing beyond measure, people rarely talk about the dark side of it – the side filled with tantrums, yelling, and your-favorite-dresses-filled-with-milk-and-purée.

Well, I’ve spent my life encouraging moms to stand up, speak up, and do what it takes to put themselves back on their to-do list. This is the first step to a smoother-sailing journey through motherhood, and with access to my online community and sisterhood, you’ll soon have the confidence to mother like a mother – from keeping toys in cots to potty training to winning the war against bedtime resistance and beyond.

Hi there! I’m Jazmine. Clinical psychologist, author, parent educator, and most importantly, mother.

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