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Screen Time

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Rather listen? Here’s a link to this episode on my podcast! Instead of avoiding screens, teach your kids how to have a healthy relationship with them! Focus on building a foundation of open communication, digital safety & healthy screen habits.  And the earlier we start teaching these things, the better!  To help you get started, here […]

Instead of teaching kids to avoid screens, teach them this!

Screen Time

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Here are my favorite educational apps and TV shows for toddlers to promote early learning. Saved my top favorite until the end! Let me know in the comments what your little one is currently loving and benefiting from! Ipad Case:​ Ipad Screen Protector:​ Some apps mentioned: Toddler Learning Games by 22 Learn:…​ […]

Best Educational Apps and TV Shows for Toddlers 2020

Screen Time, Tantrums

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Oh, screen time struggles! Knowing how to end screen time without tears can be hard, especially if you’re already so busy. In this video, I break down the common reasons why toddlers and preschoolers have a difficult time ending screen time. I also share my tips for screen time and how to prevent tantrums afterwards. […]

SCREEN TIME STRUGGLES! How to End Screen Time Without Tears: Tips For Screen Time (2020)

Screen Time

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Is your child throwing consistent tantrums after screen time or are you starting to feel guilty about all the screen time they are getting and want to cut back? Well in today’s video, I’m going to be sharing some tips on why screen time for kids should be controlled and how to limit kids’ screen […]

8 Tips on How to Cut Back on Screen Time (2020)

Parenting Tips, Screen Time

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It’s no secret that we are all using our screens more recently given everything that’s going on. Ever wonder what the recommended amount of screen time is? In this video, I share the effects of screen time on children, the recommended amount of screen time, and what you need to know about screens. Learning about […]

The Effects of Screen Time on Children: What You Need to Know About Screens (2020)

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If there’s anyone who knows what you’re going through, it’s me. I’ve got two kids of my own, and while motherhood is a blessing beyond measure, people rarely talk about the dark side of it – the side filled with tantrums, yelling, and your-favorite-dresses-filled-with-milk-and-purée.

Well, I’ve spent my life encouraging moms to stand up, speak up, and do what it takes to put themselves back on their to-do list. This is the first step to a smoother-sailing journey through motherhood, and with access to my online community and sisterhood, you’ll soon have the confidence to mother like a mother – from keeping toys in cots to potty training to winning the war against bedtime resistance and beyond.

Hi there! I’m Jazmine. Clinical psychologist, author, parent educator, and most importantly, mother.

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