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Parenting Tips, Sibling Rivalry

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In this blog, I’m going to answer some specific questions I’ve received from parents about conflict resolution. What should you do when there is conflict between siblings during play? The first question I received was from a mom who has a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. She said she often finds the 3-year-old will bring toys […]

Conflict Resolution for Kids: How to Do It and What to Say

Sibling Rivalry

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Are you tired of your kids fighting all the time? Do you want to know how to stop siblings from fighting, arguing, hitting, and name calling? Well, in this video, I break down what you need to know about kids including how to stop kids from fighting. I also talk about what to know about […]

HOW TO STOP KIDS FROM FIGHTING ALL THE TIME! | Things to Know About Kids | Help For New Parents

Sibling Rivalry

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It’s so hard to know how to best navigate sibling conflict and sibling rivalry, especially in public! In this video, I react to a viral video of two siblings fighting in public. I share my perspective of sibling conflict from the lense of child psychology and how the adults could have best handled sibling conflict […]

BEST WAYS TO HANDLE SIBLING CONFLICT: What to Do When Siblings Get Aggressive

how to encourage independent play

Sibling Rivalry

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A mom from our community sent over this video with the following message: “Is this a definition of sibling rivalry? It’s getting viral here in Miami. I can’t think I can’t help to think as parents, we can help them. I hope I’m thinking of baby number two, and I’m scared these videos don’t help […]

Best Ways to Handle Sibling Conflict

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If there’s anyone who knows what you’re going through, it’s me. I’ve got two kids of my own, and while motherhood is a blessing beyond measure, people rarely talk about the dark side of it – the side filled with tantrums, yelling, and your-favorite-dresses-filled-with-milk-and-purée.

Well, I’ve spent my life encouraging moms to stand up, speak up, and do what it takes to put themselves back on their to-do list. This is the first step to a smoother-sailing journey through motherhood, and with access to my online community and sisterhood, you’ll soon have the confidence to mother like a mother – from keeping toys in cots to potty training to winning the war against bedtime resistance and beyond.

Hi there! I’m Jazmine. Clinical psychologist, author, parent educator, and most importantly, mother.

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