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Food throwing – it’s like the ultimate test of your patience. Can you keep your cool? And when your toddler or baby throws food, it can be annoying and frustrating. But throwing food is developmentally appropriate, especially for between 6 and 18 months.  I know you’re like, “Great, Dr. Jazmine. That’s fine and all. But […]

My Baby/Toddler Won’t Stop Throwing Food! – Ways to Prevent and Handle It

Parenting Tips

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Let’s talk about picky eating. The type of little ones that no matter what you put on their plate, they don’t want it unless it’s a hot dog, chicken nugget, cheese, some kind of carb, or junk food. And you’re ready to pull your hair out because mealtimes are no longer enjoyable since you have […]

When Your Child is a Picky Eater: 3 Mistakes to Avoid & 3 Strategies to Help

Parenting Tips

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Even the calmest and most patient parent is going to lose their cool with their toddler or child from time to time. While more patience is always the goal, it’s a small fact of life that you’re going to slip up. You’re going to make mistakes as a parent, and at times, you’re going to […]

What To Do When You Lose Your Cool With Your Child: 10 Steps to Repair

Parenting Tips, Tantrums

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Did you know that parenting is about 80% mindset and 20% tips and tricks? When parenting little ones, I truly believe it is more about your thinking, perspective, and mindset as you navigate tantrums and other big feelings. It’s so helpful to have an awareness of what you’re thinking in your mind during the most […]

How to Deal with Your Child’s Tantrums Without Losing It: Tips for Staying Calm During Big Feelings

Discipline, Parenting Tips

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A common question I get is “Dr. Jazmine, do you recommend time-outs for toddlers or preschoolers? What’s your whole perspective on this?” When it comes to discipline and helping your child make good choices, learn new behaviors, and teach lagging skills, there are many approaches out there. As a clinical psychologist, I am a fan […]

Do Time-Outs Work? Or Are They Harmful? Disciplining Your Toddler or Preschooler Using Time-Outs

Parenting Tips

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If you clicked through to this blog, you’re probably struggling with defiance and your child not listening to you. Do you give your child instructions, and they laugh in your face? Maybe they run away thinking it’s a game. Maybe they tune you out and do the exact opposite of what you want them to […]

It’s the Way You Say It: Why Your Child Isn’t Listening to You

Potty Training

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I know the topic of rewards while potty training can be a bit controversial and many of us have mixed feelings. In this week’s episode, I share my candid clinical recommendations as well as my personal experience when it comes to rewards and potty training.  I think it’s important to decide what’s best for your family even […]

Should I Offer Potty Training Rewards?

Potty Training, Uncategorized

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get about potty training is what to do when a child won’t poop in the potty. Little ones love to wait until it’s naptime to poop in their pull up, am I right?

Let’s talk about some possible reasons for holding poop and simple tips to help your toddler finally poop on the potty.

Help! My Toddler Won’t Poop in the Potty

Parenting Tips

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Dealing with clingy behavior is exhausting. And it can be frustrating to know what to do/say when your child is crying to be held for the 1000th time. In this blog, I share some of the top reasons why children become clingy and 3 quick tips to curb the clinginess!

Why Your Child is Clingy and How to Deal With It

Potty Training

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The number one question I receive when it comes to potty training is, “How do I know when they’re ready???” Here’s the thing – there’s no magical age when it comes to potty training. Every child is different and should start when they are developmentally ready. In general, you want to look out for developmental […]

6 Signs Of Potty Training Readiness

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If there’s anyone who knows what you’re going through, it’s me. I’ve got two kids of my own, and while motherhood is a blessing beyond measure, people rarely talk about the dark side of it – the side filled with tantrums, yelling, and your-favorite-dresses-filled-with-milk-and-purée.

Well, I’ve spent my life encouraging moms to stand up, speak up, and do what it takes to put themselves back on their to-do list. This is the first step to a smoother-sailing journey through motherhood, and with access to my online community and sisterhood, you’ll soon have the confidence to mother like a mother – from keeping toys in cots to potty training to winning the war against bedtime resistance and beyond.

Hi there! I’m Jazmine. Clinical psychologist, author, parent educator, and most importantly, mother.

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