Tired of Having to Yell to Get Your Kids to Listen?

Discover my Research Based Discipline Formula & Start Seeing Better Cooperation Today!

In this 45-minute workshop, I'll share with you practical tools for increasing your child's cooperation without having to resort to all the things you hate like yelling, threatening and punishing!

Best for parents with kids 10 and under. 

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After this workshop,
you'll know:

Why you've resorted to yelling & how to stop the cycle of constantly having to yell when you need your child to stop doing negative behavior. 

How to help calm your child's intense feelings (like anger and sadness) and teach them healthy social and emotional skills so they thrive in *all* settings.  

Step by step guide to better cooperation & connection using my research-based framework, the CRG Formula (including scripts & real life examples).


It seems like no matter what you do, your kids won’t listen. And that’s when the yelling starts.

You need the behaviors to stop.

Stop fighting over toys

Stop fighting with each other

Stop throwing things

Stop hitting and yelling

But then the guilt sets in...

You don’t like it. You hate doing it. You think you’re an awful parent for yelling and messing up your kids.

When you don’t feel heard, yelling seems like the best solution.

Or is it? I’m here to help with my free workshop on how to get your kids to listen without yelling.

I know you're tired of yelling but sometimes, it feels like it's the only thing that works. 


I am a licensed clinical psychologist committed to helping overwhelmed parents (and caregivers) understand and connect with their young children. Through my offerings, I aim to provide parents with simple, practical support with positive discipline that's easy to implement.

I have been featured in PBS Kids, The New York Times, ABC News, CBS, Yahoo, and other platforms. My books include "The Ultimate Tantrum Guide". "Let's Talk Discipline," and "The First-Time Parent’s Guide to Potty Training." I live in Northern California with my husband and three children. 

Let me help you get your child's behavior on track! 

Hi there! I’m Dr. Jazmine. 

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