Why Your Child is Clingy and How to Deal With It

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  1. Bernadine says:

    This was helpful. My husband and I are raising 4 grandkids, ages 14, 12 and twins who are 11., going on 5 years now. The youngest of the twins (by a couple minutes) has been clingy and to the point where I am wondering what is going on. Three of them are girls with the 12 year old being a boy. Out of the girls she is the only one that has started her period, a couple months after turning 11. So I have been noticing it happening around her period. Im wondering how to manage this as it is getting on my nerves. Any thoughts would be appreciated. It looks like your article is for younger kids so wasn’t sure if the same guidelines are true for adolescents. Thank you.

    • Yolanda Enriquez says:

      My 8 year old daughter is extra clingy and very possive over me she wont let any one get near of my other kids and husband can show any affection towards me with out her getting agresive and angry with them mind the rest of my children in total there 4 of them 2 boys grown 2 girls 19 year old and my youngest that is 8 years old i cant even go to restroom with out her right by my side . I feel like she feels like she has fight anyone that tries to come near me she slept with me since she was a baby she even has to sleep in my arms and has to be snuggled almost all night she is always stuck on my litterly in my arms all the time i have back issues i get tired if im sitting she has on my lap or right next to me. I cant go anywhere with out her or she will get upset and throw tantrum i love her to death but i need a breather she makes me feel guilty for feeling this way all i want is little space the only time get is when she goes to school please advise me what to do

  2. Louise says:

    I came here looking for some practical help with my step daughter (9) who is getting increasingly clingy with her Dad. I spent last weekend feeling a bit weirded out as she sat on him for 3 hours straight, rummaging through my personal items and just walking into our room without knocking and attempting to climb in with him. We did have some regression when we first moved in together and she came to stay and ‘needed Daddy to brush her teeth’.
    I realise that we need to establish some proper boundaries for her within our home. And that ‘she’s only little’ does not really cut it. I’m hoping a transition to being
    more independent will help her be more confident and allow for a happier
    blended family (9, 16, 20, 20, 20)

    • Val says:

      I am experiencing the same situation. I have a 10 year old step daughter who is very clingy towards her dad. Me and her dad can’t even have a private conversation without her knocking on our bedroom door every 5 min asking when we will come out.. My fiance doesn’t see anything wrong with that although she is a daddy’s girl. I feel like when she’s around I back off acting like myself bec I don’t want his daughter to feel I’m coming in between them. When I say back off, I’m referring to being affectionate with my fiance like holding his had, being right next to him. How can I make it more comfortable than awkward when she’s around. Please help!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really feel like Louise and Val are asking a lot of their step children….they’re dealing with a big change of having to “share” their dad with a different person than their mother…I don’t know the specifics but this feels more of a personal issue for the both of you rather than child-centered behavior that seems normal for a child of divorce, give them some grace.

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