Your 3-Step Plan When Your Child Gets Angry or Aggressive

Whether your child is feeling mildly frustrated and defeated (e.g., “Ugh, I give up!”) or has completely lost their sh*t and is hitting, kicking, or throwing things, this eBook is for you! 

This eBook is going to give you the tools you need to:

Understand the psychology of anger so that you can see your child and their emotions clearly (especially in the heat of the moment) 

Learn about the levels of emotional dysregulation so that you can tailor your responses and be more effective

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Have a clear 3-step plan based on your child’s level of dysregulation so you can stop feeling flustered, triggered and helpless during your child’s angry outbursts

Bonus printable checklists to help you stay more present, calm, and patient when your child is trying to push you away. 

Nothing is more triggering than when our kid – out of frustration – lashes out when things don’t go their way. 

I've Got You Covered.
Here's Your 3-Step Plan!

Rude/sassy talk (e.g., “Ughh, leave me alone! Stop!!!”)

Hitting/kicking you or their siblings when frustrated

Throwing toys and tearing up things

Random outbursts and mean behavior that seem to come out of nowhere

I know You’re exhausted from all the:

This behavior is not only overwhelming and exhausting, it’s also concerning.

I know that more than anything you want to raise children who can:

  • Express their feelings with words (not mean behaviors)
  • Identify and communicate their needs (so you’re not left guessing)
  • See others’ perspectives and compromise when needed (& not just be focused on themselves) 
  • Treat others with kindness and respect (no matter how frustrated they feel)

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If you’re nodding your head YES then this 32-page eBook is for YOU.

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I am a licensed clinical psychologist and mom of three committed to helping you understand and connect with your littles. My mission is to provide quality parenting support that helps you feel more confident and attuned with your children. 

The ultimate goal of this 32-page eBook is to help you feel more connected with your little one, even when they’re angry and trying to push you away. 

What we know from the research is that children who have parents who know how to handle their big feelings ultimately grow up to be humans who know how to do the same for themselves (and have healthier relationships as a result).

Hi there! I’m Dr. Jazmine. 

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Now more than ever, the world needs more people who can manage their anger and treat others with kindness, regardless of how upset they feel in the moment. 

We can help change the world
by teaching our kids how to understand and handle their feelings (especially their frustration and anger), communicate their needs, and make good decisions even when they’re stressed, overwhelmed and angry. 

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Changing the world starts with us.

This starts with how we understand their emotions. 

This starts with how we respond and show up for them when they’re at their worst. 

This guide will give you a clear plan for exactly that.